What Are Poker Networks?

Some of the poker networks have the same tables and lobby. The main point is the bonus, marketing policy, support services at the poker network rooms are individual. Thus, the poker network unites cash tables, tournaments, and, accordingly, players from certain rooms. 711kelab Malaysia Poker rooms are usually called “doors” of poker networks, because, entering the “door”, the player enters the poker network, where he can enjoy the game and contact players who have entered the network through another room https://www.kelab711.com/my/en-us/.

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Why do we need it?

The most common question for newbies is why networks are needed at all? Further, related questions arise – does the poker room independently choose the network that it wants to join, or does the poker network create them?

A small educational program – networks are created in order to group the rooms interested in cooperation. According to statistics, mainly medium or small rooms express a desire to unite into a network, in pursuit of the goal of increasing game traffic or promoting faster.

The effect is obvious – as soon as an unknown room enters the poker network, it has players from a single pool, it becomes possible not only to increase traffic faster, but also to hold tournaments with guaranteed prize pools, create tables with high limits, and increase the number of tables , tournaments and SnGs to improve the customer experience.

Differences and similarities

Another important point. The player himself often does not notice the difference in the options for poker actions, as well as the design of a seat at the table or in other details with an opponent who may well be rolling in a completely different room, which is, nevertheless, part of the poker network. This is how clients of different rooms meet, which are served on the same server.

As mentioned before, poker networks have a single set of conditions, rules and restrictions that the poker room must accept and comply with in case it wants to join the association. The essence establishes the general interface of the table and the lobby, general formulas for calculating fi and rake, as well as the same conditions, rules for registering players.

Also, according to the existing rules, the rooms have the same rules for implementing rebuys and add-ons, and uniform prize pools are created. Surely you have seen promotions copying each other in different rooms? This is completely normal practice.

Previously, we said that each room runs a unique bonus program, which, apart from general network promotions, is not similar to the offers of other rooms in the network. Unique freerolls, tournaments, exclusive cashback are offered. In some cases, poker rooms run cash tables that do not have public access, and only network members can play them.