About Roulette Fraud

The world of gambling online live casino and easy money has attracted scammers at all times. On our site you can find stories about some of the methods of roulette fraud, but, if I may say so, Pierre Dugal became the founder of the direction. He acted quite simply, but at the same time refined. Hiding in the back of the gambling house and having gotten to close the casino, Pierre, known as a good carpenter, made changes to the design of the wheel and, as a result, the roulette ball not in 100% of cases, but more often stopped in the right sectors,

Yes, it may seem that such a trick cannot be done today, in principle, since the casino is guarded around the clock, and video surveillance systems leave no chance for adventurers. However, the scammers do not even think to give up – their confrontation with the casino security service lasts for centuries and, first of all, thanks to the achievements of modern science, the swindlers earn their bread and caviar.

Scams of our days

At one time, the media published an interesting interview with a player of one of the casinos. The identity of the person was not disclosed, but he was known as a player, dishonest. As a result, many gambling establishments simply refused to serve him, closing the doors literally in front of his nose, but no one could ever catch him in deception.

The adventurer said that the main reason for his gains lies in the container with the chemical composition. Absolutely any (including cards) surface was covered with a transparent, slippery and hard film, which was visually indistinguishable from the classic varnish, which is applied to, for example, glossy paper.

The fraudsters applied this composition to the sectors on the roulette wheel and, as a result, the ball stopped very rarely, bouncing off the coating. An easy way to level your odds with the casino.

It was possible to turn this trick due to the fact that many employees of gambling establishments had access to roulette. During off-hours, anyone could launch the ball, and before the shift began, the cleaners rubbed the wheel to a shine. Actually, due to such a number of personnel who had access to the roulette wheel, it was not possible to identify who was the accomplice.

The used composition, by the way, is on free sale, this “varnish” is actively used in the industrial sector. This scam is far from the only one on the account of adventurers and we will inform you about attempts to deceive the casino and fight it.